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BASS Church Workers Convention, 3/5 – 3/7

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WHC Blows Past $20,000 GLOCAL Missions Offering!

WHC’s Mission Team set a true “faith” goal for WHC’s 2014 GLOCAL Missions Project Offering: $20,000. On January 4, 2015, Pastor Karl reported that they goal had been reached and exceeded. The total – over $23,160.58. With WHC’s partner-churches the moneys will support 4,952 missionaries around the globe plus a joint-nationwide effort to start new churches in 27 cities within…

Brian Shepard serves as Interim XP for WHC


Over the past year WHC’s Leadership Team identified a new staff position – Executive Pastor – as being critical to breaking through inhibitors to healthy church growth. In September the Elders, Personnel and Finance teams (the teams responsible for staffing) reviewed an opportunity that seems best described as a “God thing” – manufactured by no human…