Welcome to week 1 the week of HOPE.

I’m sitting here this morning trying to think of what hope really means to me and how do I start writing. Perhaps it was just because I watched Justice League that I keep circling to Superman. In each Superman movie, you always have a villain that plummets people into disparity, and in the darkest moments you hear, “help me, Superman!” Thanks to his super hearing, he shows up and saves the day. While in the movies he doesn’t always save everyone, if your name is Lois Lane, you’re pretty certain going to be saved. Now, where am I going with this? I want to be Lois Lane! I want to be able to have the certainty that I’m ok! Sure, I’ll get frightened and scared but Lois is always safe. She has the freedom to be the best reporter because if she gets into a hairy situation, all she has to do is yell, “help me Superman,” and voila, safe. This assurance can only be because Clark Kent loves Lois Lane. So the assurance of her hope is not actually dependent on her, its dependent on Clark’s love.

This is actually the case in our own hopes; it is not because we deserve assurance that we are saved but it is because of God’s love that we are saved; it is because of God’s love that we can escape danger. Some of you, myself included, may be discouraged and entering into hopelessness and I just want to ask, are you letting God protect you? Imagine, Superman showing up to protect Lois and she keeps running into danger and not away from it; will her hope of safety be affirmed? Probably not. If she ran into the battle she’d make it more difficult for Superman because he’ll have to shield her, all the while trying to figure out how to defeat the villain at the same time. This is what we do sometimes, God says trust me and I’ve got you and we say thanks and  run into the fight that we asked Him to fight for us. In many of my occasions where I have felt discouraged and hopeless, I have found that I have run into the fight and have not left it in God’s hands.

I want to encourage you that your hope in God will become assurance, that you can trust Him to fight the battle. This is what the Bible is showing, that whenever we as people have faced adversity, He’s come through. It’s not always the way we would have done it (see the Gideon (Judges 7) or Joshua (Joshua 6) narratives), but I can assure you that we are Lois Lane and we can depend on God’s love and that is where hope begins.

Zenas Fung
Pastor of Student and Young Adult Ministries


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